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Too Tuesday

The sun is too hot this past few days and everyone, including me, managed to take a trip to the beach. I’ve been to Cebu last 29th of March and it’s been two weeks and I still feel the tranquility of travelling. I woke up today feeling so lazy, I guess I needed to change this. What happen to my brave soul?

Wake up from slumber. I thought I would be more energetic and eager after this trip. But it’s the opposite of it all. I felt so down after the trip, returning to work and facing all the problems it makes me want to print that resignation letter and send it to my boss. Scratch that, what I really need right now is an encouraging friend who will tap my shoulder and make me realize that I need this job if I really want to fulfill my goals. It all pays.

I can’t write a nice blog post of all the trips I’ve been to this summer because of all the baggage I think I’m carrying right now. That every time I’m trying to compose a good posts suddenly all the problems swim in my head. I wish to be financial free and start my cupcake business – ASAP. I want to be productive and I don’t want to be bossed around anymore. And that statement makes me so jealous from the people I hear quitting their job and fulfilling their dreams.

Is this what millennial’s call – midlife crisis? Then I guess I need to get out of this soon. I don’t want to be in this situation right now and I needed to change. I have bigger goals than spending my life miserable and letting problems eat me whole. It’s too much.

2 thoughts on “Too Tuesday

  1. Quarter-life crisis? I think everyone goes through that phase. I am currently on that phase but I believe I’m slowly getting out of it. Little improvement is better than nothing, right?

    I have also thought of those – business, resignation, being free. But no, self, I still have a lot of priorities and responsibilities. Soon, hope we could ind out ourselves what we really want.

    Anyway, hope you could write about your travels! I’m excited to read about that 🙂 And I hope you could get back to writing too! 🙂

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