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Three Reasons Why I Love Pak Awra Lip Tint

Liptints are now very popular with girls and of course for working ladies. It’s not a secret too that they are very easy to carry in our purse and very convenient to apply. Plus, these cuties are very versatile. If you need an instant blush, swipe that liptint on your cheek and voila! Instant color on that pretty face!

That’s why I listed three reasons why I love the new Pak Awra which I got from the mail. Need to convince those ladies out there who haven’t converting into liptint lady!

1. Compact and Convenient

A plus factor that you don’t need to bring your whole makeup kit with you. Just this small liptint and your great for the whole day.

Pak Awra need no multiple swipes just to get the color you want. What color you see on the bottle is what you get on your lips. That’s very nice of them, because you don’t need any guessing game in choosing what color is best for you.

2. Great smell and taste

These liptints are organic so they smell very aromatic and not those chemical formulated liptints in the market today. And taste? Oh they don’t taste awful. That’s what we want for liptints!

3. Affordable

And lastly, we need a very affordable liptint for our everday use. That’s very great that Pak Awra is very affordable.

You can check their facebook page at Pak Awra to try their liptints! Be always beautiful inside and out ladies!

Always trying to be pretty,
Camille 💕

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