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This Is What 24 Looks Like

This year I turned 24. Some can’t believe that’s my age and even me – hindi pa rin nagsisink-in! . Ten years ago I’m just a sophomore high school student wishing a fast forward time to this year where I picture myself working in a prestigious company, buying the things I love, and traveling around the country.

I am so predictable yet proud of myself for turning my 14-year-old-self dream come true. But after realizing all the blessings and achievements I had, I come to this decision of turning those little dreams one step higher. More braver goals and dreams!

That leads me to Arriane Serafico e-course. It helps creative people make their brave goals happen and that is absolutely what I need right now. I have a lot of goals, dreams and hobbies that I really don’t know when, how or what to start among them. I think this course can help me on that.

So this year I made a theme:


This theme and course is my birthday gift to myself. I can’t believe I decided to be more responsible and invest something useful in my life (beside on buying shoes and watches). After enrolling on it I felt the matured champion raising her hands. Yay!


Thursday the 14th

Birthday Banner!

My mom is really classic and every year she hangs a birthday banner in the dining room wall. But this time she draws a portrait of me. I remember her doing my reviewers when I’m in grade school and she meticulously draw pictures for my reviewers. Very effective! Thanks Mom!

It’s a working birthday for me and I was assigned to work on the field that day. It was kind of exhausting yet fun! Because it’s amazing to think that an ordinary day for other people can be extraordinary for you. When I arrive at the office, my desk was surrounded by balloons and a birthday banner. It’s so sweet! There’s a bonus cake too!

May cake pa!

That evening I had my dinner at The Sandwich Guy Cafe with Joana. We ordered the Original Roast Beef Sandwich and their frappes.

With Pring’s doppelganger, Joana!

The crew were so kind that they even gave me 20% discount upon finding out that it’s my birthday! Yay! Thanks Joana for asking a birthday candle for my cake that night!

2nd birthday cake for the day! Parang celebrity!



Ended the day with a grateful heart and a prayer for a long, happy, fruitful year ahead. May P.S. pa ko siyempre my love life! Lels!


An accomplishment that I did was applying for a student driver’s license. And this year I slashed it out on my bucket list – which I had for more than two years now! Spell procrastination. Well, I took my birthday leave last 15 and woke up early in the morning, prepared my documents and went straight to Licensing Office.

After 15 minutes of processing, here’s my license! Yay! #Achieve

I went straight to Marquee Mall where I will meet Christine, the buyer of The Book Thief, and just spend some alone time. I’m currently selling my preloved books to fund my Summer Travels.


Since I still have an hour to wait, I tried to contact my friends working at the mall and asked them to go eat some ice cream with me. Only Jen answered my calls so yes, she’s the lucky one! I treat her with a lunch and spend the remaining hour with her.

I am currently selling my old books on Instagram and if you want to check them out! I need to raise funds for my cupcake business so I need to let go some of the books I love. Though I had some issues in selling The Book Thief, because it sits in my shelf for almost two years now and I didn’t read it all. I bought it because of the reviews I read online but I just don’t have the feels to read it. So I had to let go. *Insert background song: Let it go, let it go!*

My phone is a bit of trouble that I didn’t get any text messages from Christine and patiently wait for her to show up. And when she showed up I’m shocked! She’s in front of me. LELS! Thank the universe for having Instagram. You now know who’s your going to meet for the first time!

We exchange some short talk and it’s time for me to go home even my other side wanted to stay longer and talk to her. She seems to have many stories and a cool girl.

I decided to watch Notting Hill while chatting with some random friends. I can’t focus on the movie that I finished it three hours instead of one hour and fifty eight minutes. Hahaha!


I woke up with my pink alarm clock (so girly!) and tried to log on to braver goals course but my Internet was really consistent – on being too slow. So I decided to bake some cupcakes and try this new recipe I found on the Internet.

Ultimate Chocolate Cupcake

I invited my best girls to have a samgyeupsal party at home that day. You will know that you’re getting older when you’re events are usually celebrated at home. Lol!

Famous collapsing cake!

It’s a new year for me to fill all those blank spaces. It’s my time to be brave and conquer all my fears. I know I’ve been so go-with-flow kind of person for the past three years, and that’s something I want to change this year. It’s not because it’s a bad thing but it’s something I’m not. I’ve been too mushy that I know some of my friends get bored with my rants. This year I want something new. I want to have many friends that I didn’t have in high school. I want to travel to places  I’ve never been before. I want to experience life in a new way. I want to be more adult this time.

And most of all, I want to be responsible.

Cheers to a new life! Let’s celebrate life with a grateful heart. ♥


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