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The Sunday Currently XVI

READING Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover. This book’s like a roller coaster, the moment you know something there comes another revelation that will let you glued to the book. I think I’m going to finish it the soonest time possible. It’s thrilling!

WATCHING My Firefox browser loading all over again. Internet connection can get me really frustrated when I’m so excited to write something.
LISTENING To Ebe Dancel’s Bawat Daan, the official soundtrack of #WalangForever movie. Those catchy lines made this song on repeat for hours now. “Kung puso ko’y imamapa, ikaw ang dulo, gitna at simula.”

THINKING The movie I just watched yesterday with my siblings, #WalangForever. It’s really good to see a film that will not hide something from you. That feeling of being involved with the movie. It has all the emotions you can think of, from being a romantic-comedy film to a dramatic one. You will be really surprised that you will also get these emotions. The movie was really good!

HOPING Everyday is a holiday! Just like when we were kids. I guess I really need to condition myself now because it’s only a matter of hours before being back to regular working routine.

WISHING This year will be a lot more exciting and awesome! Can’t wait to see the biggest twist and turns of this year.

SMELLING This orange highlighter I got last Christmas from a colleague. It smells ORANGE! I’m really trying not to get addicted to it, because right now I’m really hungry.

WEARING Baggy shirts, shorts and a messy pile of failed coloring red hair. I think this will be the best look if you want to describe LAZY. Lels!

Do you believe with New Year’s Resolutions? Because I don’t. Because every time I try to make one I will just end up failing this promises on the second week of the first month of the year. Well that’s me!

 I think if you really want to change a bad attitude or add a new attitude to your life, you really don’t need to wait for a new year to make things right. You can always make them any time of the year if you really want a change in your life.

As for me, I won’t state these things ever again. Because sometimes being so hard to yourself loses that eagerness to make those things. Let’s just turn those resolutions to something more realistic – NEW YEAR’S GOALS! Goals because they can be really realistic and you can set steps on how to make this goals come true.

So, I will leave it up to you friend! Make those goals come true! Cheers!



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