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The Sunday Currently XIV


Articles about the Philippine History. I still and always love History. It makes us who we are today.

People in this jeepney. Wondering what principles they have in their life?

Skinny Love by Birdy and the jeepney’s engine.

This fourteenth Sunday currently.

What will happen if one thing in the history was changed? Are we more patient? Stronger? Rich? Who knows?

The pollution. It makes me want to travel in the past where the earth has the freshest air.

To have a decent laptop soon. My 5-year-old netbook is so devastated.

To clear all my bills in time. I don’t need more interests running on my bills. Clearing them in time for a new year.

Black shirt, jeans and keds. The usual me.

Heneral Luna film. It is so refreshing to watch a film like this one. I think we need more of this today. We don’t want our heroes fade into oblivion with all the things they did for us.

Earlier today I watched Heneral Luna. A story of the strongest and the real general we had in the country, but died in the hands of the people he thought he trusted. By the hands of his own kakampi. Even before, trust is realy a big issue and what’s bigger than this is our own selves.

Nagwakas na ang magagandang araw ng mga rosas.
Nagsimula na ang busilak na mga gabi ng ating matinik na pakikipamuhay sa ating bayan.
Ang lupang tinubuan, asul na kalangitan, lunting kaparangan, isang lupain ng sining at damdamin.
Hindi magtatagal, para sa pag-ibig sa Inang Bayan, waring dala ng isang mensahe…
Dinagit tayo ng isang nakakubling kamay at itinapon na parang mga dahon sa gitna ng sigwa.
Hindi magtatagal at magiging nag-aalimpuyong alikabok na lamang tayo.

Heneral Luna, 2015

Please watch this film and tell me what you think?

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