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The Sunday Currently vol XIII


Random newsletters on my e-mail. I keep on subscribing on blogs I love to read and now they are all newsletters on my inbox.

People doing their own thing. A baby crying for something even her mom don’t know what’s going on. A group of friends doing some selfies to remind them how beautiful this day. A family on my left sitting comfortably on a couch making their mom feel like a queen. Happy mother’s day!

To the blenders or whatever baristas call them to make their famous drinks. To the barista calling different unique names. What if people don’t have names? How will they know if they are being called?

This blog post and some calligraphy on my planner. Nothing important.

Of the man who is not yet here in my life. If ever you will read this in the future, I just want to say thank you for coming into my boring life. And just to let you know that I’m not a fan of a waiting game. Maybe right now I’m getting bored of waiting for you. But thank you, for not letting me wait for so long.

All the coffee aroma here at Starbucks. It is my first time to write in a coffee shop where people keeps on talking, machines keep on buzzing and baristas keep on shouting.

A good hair day from all the bad hair days I have. I wish my hair grow faster. If there is a comb that will let your hair grow longer everytime you use it, I will definitely buy a dozen!

To have a part-time job. I need some income besides from my 8-5 daily job.

A  black shirt with a #team print in yellow, jeans and my moss green keds.

Green Tea Cream frappe. I love coffee but sometimes it keeps me up until midnight and I have to be at the office at 8 in the morning.

I always get scared from birth stories of all the mothers I know. Even if this is a great moment for them and for their kid. All the pain that they will suffer just to let their kid see how beautiful this world can be. I salute all the moms out there for being such a braveheart! For suffering all the pain and for sacrificng their life. You are the vessels of the great society we will have. Happy mother’s day!

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