The Happy List

The Happy List: May 2017

It’s been a while since I listed my happy list, but yes I am still the happy kid you guys know. I’ve been to different places for the past five months and I can’t believe we’re now on the second quarter of the year! Oh yes, time flies so fast!


I’ve met blogger friends

Since I joined the blogger community in our town I gained a lot of new blogger friends and friends outside the web world. I am so happy hanging out with them and calling Cule Café our official tambayan!


Accepted new people in my life

It’s easy for me to have friends but it’s really hard for me to keep them. I always have this issues about them leaving me behind so I always keep myself a little bit distant when I feel like being clingy. But this month I let some people share my life with. Having late night conversations, coffee and ice cream hangouts and of course some deep prayer time.


Catching up with my high school best friend

It’s been five years I guess since the last time I talked to my best friend from high school. And last mont, we had the time to catch up. We talked for almost three hours straight while having our merienda at Banh Mi.



I really love painting but work and adulating become the reason why I guess I forgot this art. So, I was happy when a dearest friend invited me to do painting. I was so excited that I had lots of designs running through my head. We had a whole Saturday doing what I love while laughing over our own artwork.


Cooked breakfast

My love for breakfast is no secret. That’s because I love breakfast food and I can eat breakfast all day long! So that one Saturday I decided to cook breakfast for my family and friend.


Own plans vs. God’s Will

I love doing plans but I always failed when it comes with achieving my plans and goals. So this time I forget all my plans and prayed that God will work on it. And yes! It’s effective. Never been brave this much!

I felt that the month of May was the longest one but the most exciting month for me. A lot of events happen this month. And I can’t thank enough the heavens for allowing it to happen!

New Site!

My subscription to my old blog has expired and I decided to renew it with another hosting site. But it’s sad that my backups from my previous blogs are not enough to import to my new site. I’m still figuring it out and asking help from my blogger friends. So I want you to welcome to my new site. Fresh and clean!

I hope you all had a happy month of May and as we welcome the new month I hope and pray that this month will be much more exciting. Talk to you soon friends.

Roaming around,

Camille ♥

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