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The Happy List III: April 2016


If the month of April is a human being I would definitely kiss and hug him/her for being so great! Looking at my desk calendar, I feel so hyped! This was the first time that my calendar got full. And I am being so thankful that I got to experience this kind of life. Anyways, here’s the list of things I am so happy about this past month:

  1. Hiking Osmena Peak on a rainy and foggy morning.
  2. Seeing the beauty of the mountains after an hour of patiently waiting.
  3. Rainbow!
  4. Jumping a 15ft, 20ft, 50ft high cliffs at Kawasan Canyoneering.
  5. Long bus travel and good strangers along the way.
  6. Oslob Historical Park instead of Whale watching. Because I feel so sad for the whales.
  7. Seeing a famous blogger but too shy to say Hi! #bakitngayonkapanahiya
  8. Having new awesome skydiver friends at Bantayan Island.
  9. Ice cream!
  10. Mexican food. I forgot the name of that chicken marinated with butter, it tastes so good.
  11. Castaway Music Festival. Silent Sanctuary-Spongecola-Pupil-Ebe Dancel. Oh and I had a good place to shake hands with Yael!
  12. Birthday dinner with Maan.
  13. Game of thrones and Orphan Black
  14. Free upgrade on my Starbucks drink because my college classmate was surprisingly a barista.
  15. Thai Noodle Salad and Thai Iced tea.
  16. Pizza Burger, Shawarma, Frappe and Cakes.
  17. Side-hustlin’. Two invitation projects are finished! 2 Dozens of Cupcakes were ordered. 🙂
  18. Dinner with colleagues under the night sky.

I know I need to limit my list so even myself won’t get bored. But the month of April was really exciting! I hope yours too!

Got this from Camie Juan


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