The Happy List

The Happy List | 1


The things that made me happy lately…

1. Listening to travel stories from friends

2. Unexpected gifts from a friend

3. Samgyeupsal night with my niece.

4. Jamming till midnight

5. Editing videos on Adobe Premiere Pro Cc 2015

6. Alcapone donuts

7. Brewed coffee all day

8. Birthday party of my friend’s husband

9. Browsing travel blogs

10. Booked a trip to Cebu!

11. Waking up to a beautiful clouded sky

12. Organizing an itinerary for my trip on March

13. Fast typing on a chat box, ended up.
mixed thoughts

What makes you happy lately? Share your list of things too. I got this idea from Camie!

Have a great month!

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