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THE HAPPY LIST: Holidays and long weekend

According to an article I read somewhere, “being happy is a choice.” So I chose to be happy and tried as much as I could to share this happiness to people around me.

Staycation and food hopping

I am glad to experience a staycation weekend with people who are dear to me. It was more fun that night because we secretly entered the pool area even it was closed that time. We had the pool all to ourselves and now it’s not a secret anymore.

I was so happy that night while feeling the cold breeze of that August night. The area was dark and our only source of light is coming from the distant windows and the bright moon light. The people I am with are just strangers from months ago, at that moment while staring at the moon I am glad that they stayed and became my friends – one of them not just stayed but made me much happier.

Eating is one of my happiest state even it’s not that obvious with my petite body. I always feel happy when I am eating especially if it’s  breakfast and seafood.


My love for making pouches and beanies is back! I learned the art of crocheting back in my elementary days. I remembered watching my aunt making coasters and table mats. She patiently taught me and she’s always excited to see my finished projects.

I recently joined a group on facebook that love crocheting as much as I do. As I browse that group’s page my love for crocheting came back. Recently I made a minion hat for my friend’s son just in time for his 1st birthday!

Holidays and long weekend

When New Year starts I check the calendar to see the holidays and long weekend. It’s because I plan my trips ahead of time. But this time I stayed at home or I say my hometown instead of roaming around the country. By just staying on the couch sipping coffee and watching Game of Thrones felt so refreshing and new to me. I’ll say snuggling next to a hugging monster while the rain pours outside the window.

What about you? Do you feel happy in spite of the rainy weather? Share some of your happy thoughts and I am glad to hear them.


Slowly turning into a hugging monster,



6 thoughts on “THE HAPPY LIST: Holidays and long weekend

    1. Hey Wazowski! I don’t really know if eating seafood and sleeping is a good combination. But all I know is that these two are the best things in the world! 🙂

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