Oh, Sweetie Home!

Fresh new home!

Hello friends! Adventures of Camille just moved from www.camielopez.wordpress.com into its new home and it’s my pleasure to welcome you all here!

I’ve been wanting to buy my own domain for quite some time now. But I don’t have enough courage to do it and when I start to plan, all those scary things on hosting my own blog start to cloud my thoughts. Thankfully, I overcome those thoughts and bought my plan at WebspacePH. It was so fast and easy!

I’m still working around the whole move, from fixing the imported posts, tags and categories, so possibly for the next few days the posts will be a bit unorganized. Yes this is it, so I’m so excited to settle in.

I hope you guys will still hang out here in my new home and let’s catch up on more of my adventures! See you around the blogosphere friends. ♥

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