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My Week in Photos: March 5-11, 2018! (The One with Cooking Attempts, Donuts Dates and Chill Sunday Afternoons)

Hola! I am on my 2nd week of My Week In Photos and here’s the thing – it’s getting harder everyday to choose from what activities will get into this series on my blog.

I won’t give you too much details that I might think will not be interesting to you. And hey, thanks by the way to all those who read my first installment of this series. For the most part I keep on getting positive feedback that made me pushed through with this.

So without further ado, welcome to the photos of March 5-11!

My week in photos

On Monday, I tried drinking black coffee. Why? It’s because I read that it’s healthy but I think powdered coffee is not that promising. I miss those days that I’m too eager to wake up early and prepare my brewed coffee. I guess I need to force my sleepyhead to wake up a little bit more early.

M, if you’re reading this I know you won’t approve my coffee drinking habits. Lelz!!


On Tuesday, I tried being a real Cooking MAMA player. LELZ! Who plays this game on GameBoy? Haha! I want to eat something Japanese, so I googled and ended up trying to make Tempura.

Two tempura  were made with perfect coating and the rest, well let’s say I am so much in a hurry because: 1. I am really hungry while making these babies! 2. I am too excited to eat them!

Well for starters, I will grade myself 6 out of 10. Haha! I will perfect this recipe so I can share it with you guys.

Travelbook payment at 7-eleven

Yay! I finally made a booking at Travelbook with my friends to have our staycation. This is very much exciting! In fact booking with the Travelbook’s mobile app made it so much easier to have my dream staycation with friends.

my week in photos

I got home with my fresh washed clothes on my bed. As a result, I needed to take them to my cabinets for a good sleep that night. Look at that green jacket! That’s my favorite!

Ice Caramel Machiatto at Krsipy Kreme, Marquee Mall Branch

On Thursday. It’s a donut date! Aside from pizza, I love donuts too! And my go-to drink is the Ice Caramel Machiatto with 1 pump of Caramel. Lelz!

Century Tuna Sisig

Saturday. My family was out of the house under those circumstances I have no choice but to be the cook of the day! I tried the Century Tuna Sisig and it turned out so well! I am so proud of you, Cams. ha!

Camille Lopez

Happy Sunday beshies! It’s Church day and a good day in that case I wore this pink doggo print blouse.

I spent some chill afternoons at M’s garden with our friends. Then M started to play with the sprinkler in their garden!

We rode a bus on our way home. Iba talaga ang feeling when I ride bus like this. Also it feels so nostalgic!

I hope everyone feels so recharged! How’s your week went? Are you ready for a new week? Because I am!


Always excited,


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