Monday is My Day!


It’s the 9th of November and holidays are coming! I am glad with my life currently. I had this new Acer Aspire laptop for myself since my Neo netbook was broken few months ago. Now I can update this blog whenever I can.

This is the season to start giving and this is also the reason why I am so happy. Giving gifts to people without asking for something in return. To see the smiling faces of the people receiving your gifts is a gift you can give to yourself. Try it and see what it can do to your day!

I also want to regain the fire I had when I started writing in this blog. To have a journal full of random thoughts. I admit it that I’ve been too lazy to write and finish my tasks. That hiatus leads me to not finishing my assignments on my American English Business Writing classes. I just saw yesterday that the class was CLOSED. This meant I didn’t get to finish all my assignments given to us. Another thing that scares me now is that I only got to do one of those assignments and I was given a month to finish them all. Ugggh! I just hate myself for being so lazy.

Now I had to justify what I did and ask someone to consider opening the class again just to finish my assignments and get my certificate. That’s the lesson! Know your priorities.

While I am writing this post, I thank God for another day that despite of being lazy and stubborn He still loves me and cares for me. I know that He loves you too!

Have a great week ahead!

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