Friends, I know I’ve been promising to post something helpful and update this blog more often. But I always FAIL! Ano pa bang bago dun? Because for the past few months I’ve been into watching tv shows that took most of my time. And yes, I feel that my eye grade increased too. Poor little girl!

Oh well, let me tell you something that really ate my time a lot – GAME OF THRONES. I know some of you will raise an eyebrow at me for watching it too late. This show is my friends’ topic all the time and I can’t seem to enjoy their company whenever it’s brought up. They even gave me copies from season 1 to 4. But those nights whenever I start to watch it, my eyes were closing after 20 minutes of watching it. I can’t seem to understand with all those characters and the setting of the story.

Uggggh! Fast forward today I keep on asking myself why I took a pass on this show. Watching every episode of it makes my heart beats faster, mga 200 kph sa NLEX! Kidding aside, I love how very frustrating each episode ends. It’s very cliffhanging. So I took another hour on watching an episode and another and another and another. Walang katapusan.

LOVE: Jon Snow

HATE: Queen Cersei

KILL: Joffrey Baratheon

Nasa Season 2 pa lang naman ako kaya yan pa lang ang Love, Hate and Kill ko sa show na ito. Let’s see on season 5.

I appreciate the great minds behind this show and most of all the author of this story. How did you do it, My Grace?

Now I know why my friends were so dedicated to this show. Why they love the Starks and why they hate the Lannisters.

Well, I won’t be telling much of the story. See for yourself friend! But I am warning you that if you’re too scared of blood and killings, please think again before watching it. Hahah!

From now on, I will update this section on my blog with all the tv shows that I love. I hope my recommendations will suit you well. Have a great weekend Wildlings!


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