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RAK OF AEGIS: Will RAK Your World!

Every Pinoy knows any song of Aegis. In fact they are really karaoke favorites here in the country. So when I heard that these songs will be used in a Rak Of Aegis play I got so excited to see it for myself.


A rock comedy musical using the songs of Aegis will tackle Filipino resilience, or how the country faces and resolves compromising situations, whether this be a natural disaster or a broken heart. Set in a subdivision that has been flooded for two months, “Rak of Aegis” features Aileen, a promodizer with large dreams of becoming a Youtube sensation to help her community rise from the floods.

Since I’ve seen a lot of great reviews on the net, therefore I was glad that the show was as much as good as I read about the reviews. First of all the show was really amazing! And the voice overs, the stage designs, the actors plus the whole play was really undeniably excellent!

I love how witty the whole experience! In addition to that the actors also have amazing singing voices that can hit those high notes of every Aegis’ song.

In a society full of drama sometimes we need to take that red light and try to chill sometimes. Watch a feel good play and have a good laugh. You know what they say, “laughter is the best medicine!

Don’t miss the fifth comeback of PETA’s hit comedy musical. The show runs from June 17 to August 28, Tuesdays to Fridays 8PM, Saturdays to Sundays 3PM and 8PM at the PETA Theater Center.

For tickets, go to or call 891-9999 or contact PETA 725-6244, 0917-5391112 or email us at

The PETA Theater Center
No.5 Eymard Drive, New Manila
Quezon City, Metro Manila
1112 Philippines

Trunkline: 632.725.6244
Fax: 632.722.6911 or 632.410.0821
Email: or

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