It’s day 2 of our Cebu trip and more exciting adventures coming along our way!

We were walking along this little bridge at the port and I am at the back of Joana and Jem carrying this pink 35L backpack. My feet were kind of frozen as if they have their own minds controlling me not to go. But it is 5 minutes before 11 am and the ferry will soon be leaving the ports of Santa Fe. It feels so heavy leaving, but we need to keep going.


Two hours later we’re back on the road traveling to Cebu City. As we try to entertain ourselves with the long drive to the city, stories of realization about life and love comes. Traveling can really opens you to great possibilities and realization. It shows you what you are capable of doing and that you don’t need someone to make you complete or happy.


We’re now at the City! Traffic welcomes us as we reach the main city of Cebu. We’re like, “hey, we’ve come from the province and now we’re in the city!” We decided to take an early dinner at SM CITY CEBU Mang Inasal, since we’re #TeamManok! While Joana and Jem are ordering I look for an optical shop to buy a new pair of contact lens.

Before we leave Santa Fe my left lens was torn from my eyes. Great thing I didn’t panic and I managed to take the torn lens out of my eyes without hyperventilating! Lels!

I was kind of giving up looking for an optical shop who sells the lens I used. Then I told myself, “Five minutes na lang, kapag wala pa rin I’ll be stuck with my eyeglasses!”

After three steps…this optical shop was right in front of me! Thank God! Because I will not waste my time looking for another optical shop at SM Cebu. It was really big since it’s my first time in this mall.

6th HOUR

We were outside the mall looking for this coded jeepney (I forgot the code) that will take us to the South Cebu Bus Terminal. Cebu City is so cool that their jeepneys have big plates with coded numbers at the top. These codes are routes, so you didn’t have to worry getting lost in the city! I hope we have this kind of system all over the country. I usually ride the wrong jeepney routes because jeepneys in the metro have their routes on the side and front of the jeepney with small fonts!

Cebuanos are really kind that they even help us in finding our way. I remember this scene inside the jeepney, “Pa south kayo? Saan punta niyo?” Jem replied, “Galing po kami Santa Fe papunta po kami ng Alegria para magcanyoneering.” The couple who asked us laughed. I was like, “Bakit kaya kami tinatawanan ng mga ito.” Then the old lady said, “Ang layo naman ng trip niyo mga ineng.”

Maybe if I got to have a seatmate that’s travelling a long way I would also tell him/her those exact same lines. But because we enjoy this trip a lot, we didn’t mind getting tired or the hunger games at all. We were so energetic and alert with the environment surrounding us.

7th HOUR

Long lines greeted us at the bus terminal and there wasn’t a Barili bound bus. It’s congested and different kinds of people were waiting for the bus. There are old ladies with big bags, newly college graduate still dressed with her toga, group of friends, tired employees wanting to go home early to end the day at their comfy beds and us, with our big backpacks and sleepy eyes.

There was this lady at her mid-40s, told us that there are no airconditioned bus after 6pm and the buses after 6pm were the ordinary ones and the waiting time is really an hour or so. She tipped us that two of us should fall in line while the other looks for our baggages because everyone is fast to get a seat.

And guess what? This old lady was Kuya Yong’s mom, our Canyoneering organizer. Is there enough surprises and blessing for us in this trip? Oh God, I really love this trip!

8th HOUR

Barili bus is coming and I am first in the line then suddenly people at the back are populating the first lanes. Someone pushed me at the back that I leaned on the side of the bus while it moves. Imagine that. Then the bus door opens and scratches my elbows. Everyone wants to go in first. It was a chaotic scene, it was worst than my experiences in my hometown. Everyone was like a ninja! Lels! I’m on a three seater bench when suddenly someone  throw a bag from the window and told me to put the bag on the bench behind me. I’m too kind to help the woman and when I look to my side there was a lady already sitting in the bench.

awkward gorilla haggard face! lels!

The woman refuses to transfer and insists that I don’t have a right to reserve the seats, while Jem is sitting two rows behind us. Joana enters the bus with our big bags and she put it in the bench were I am sitting. We requests the old lady if she can transfer to Jem’s sitting place since it will be really congested with all our bags. Thank God, after a long talk she decides to transfer.

It was congested and chaotic inside the bus we weren’t moving in our seats. Then I feel something sticky in my arm. I saw blood! This time I’m unable to control myself, I panicked ladies and gentlemen! #MedyoOA

It was a scratch in my elbow because of the impact from the door bus. Joana and Jem labeled my wound as the “PROOF OF FRIENDSHIP”. I passed the ninja exam here in Cebu! Lels!

9th HOUR

We were still inside this congested bus when a mom rides with her beautiful kid in the bus along the way. We let her sit with us, since she will only took a little space. She’s so cute and energetic. We talked to her and learned that she wants to be a singer when she grows up. She even let us hear her angelic voice. She sang Let it go from the Frozen movie. I think her Mom was so proud of her!

Then she asked us where are we going and how come our parents permitted us to go on this trip. We explained to her that our parents permitted us because they trusted us and we’re old enough to handle ourselves. Maybe she thinks we’re still teenagers with curfews and all.

10th HOUR

Looking at the night sky and seeing some of the stars we’ve seen from Santa Fe, I think to myself “Do our friends from Santa Fe sees the stars we see tonight?”

11th HOUR

Finally we’re at Alegria! We checked in at D’Allegre Inn. We settled our bags and clean ourselves and minutes later our eyes we’re closing little by little.

12th HOUR

PRAYER OF THANKSGIVING. Ended this road trip with a thankful heart and said a little prayer for the guidance and safeties God provided for us that day.

A day in the the road with different people, different languages, different culture, and different roads but with the same heart – KIND HEART. At the end of it all, we’re all the same in the eyes of God.♥


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