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As I’ve promised on my last Baler blog post, here’s the story on our second day on Baler!

DISCLAIMER: This post is going to be long, better take your comfortable chair and enjoy!

Ever since I was  a kid I always love to watch sunrises and sunsets. So I didn’t let this trip passed without seeing one. But unfortunately, I woke up to the sounds of roaring waves of the ocean and waited a little longer for Mr. Golden Sun to show up but there’s no sun that day.

Instead of being gloomy myself just like the weather that day, I asked my friends to take a photo walk at the beach that morning.

Babala! Malakas na agos. Parang pag-ibig na tatangayin ka at posibleng malunod sa pagmamahal, kung may agam-agam huwag ng tumuloy! Lels! #HugotBaler


Surfers are starting their day



Balete Tree

Have you ever heard Filipino horror stories about Balete? If not well I’ll tell you that this is the home of different Pinoy mythical creatures from kapre, dwende, aswang and white lady. Even writing their names can make my hair stand up. So when in Baler, you should see for yourself if these trees are really surrounded with horror.

Balete Park is located at Brgy. Quirino, Maria Aurora, Aurora. The Balete tree in Maria Aurora, also known as the “Millenium Tree”, is said to be the largest Balete Tree in Asia.

The 600+ years old tree is the main attraction in the town of Maria Aurora. For an entrance fee of P10.00 you can enter, climb up its innards and take creative shots of the tree.

Being curious I googled about the Balete tree and upon reading the true nature of Balete Trees, I freaked out! Not because of the horror stories but because of the real horror nature of it. According to Wikipedia, initially, they start as air plants and grow several hanging roots that eventually touch the ground and from then on they will find a host tree. With that host tree, they will start to suffocate it and eventually eat it up. That’s why this tree has complicated roots inside.

It’s a good thing I didn’t know this nature of Balete Tree when were there. Because I might freak out!

See the inside of the tree.

It’s so creepy inside! Feeling ko gagalaw ang mga roots niya anytime. Gaaaaah!



After that amazing trip to the Balete Park we went straight to Ditumabo Falls – the Mother Falls of San Luis, Aurora.

I asked Kuya Roger, our tricycle driver and tourist guide, why Ditumabo Falls was called the Mother Falls. Simply because it’s the largest waterfall in the province.


On the way to the falls we feel like we were in some jungle movie setting. The forest was so beautiful and we even passed this concrete walls with big pipes. It is said to be the water source of the town.

The trek wasn’t that easy. You still need to cross the river and jump on to those big rocks. Always be careful though, because the trek was muddy and rocky.


But after all those rocky roads comes the beautiful scenery of Ditumabo Falls. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to take a dip at the falls. Since we came on a holiday, a lot of tourists were also there soaking in the magnificent beauty of the Mother Falls.

Caunayan Falls

life is a not a matter of chance, it's a matter of choice.
Choose wisely!

Since we weren’t able to take a dip of the ice cold water of Mother Falls, Kuya Roger promised us to take us to another falls with the same ice cold water.

Caunayan Falls also known as L. Pimentel Falls is also located at San Luis, Aurora. Meanwhile Caunayan Falls was an easy trek compared to DItumabo Falls and the falls was being taken care of a resort.

We were literally freezing! Ang lamig ng tubig!!!
The best thing in Caunayan Falls is the ice cold water and super linaw na tubig! You can see the rocky floor clean and clear.



In Ermita Hill you can see the breathtaking view of the Baler Bay, Dima-Dimalangat and Aniao Islets and can relax your senses with its greenery scene.

Not only this hill can give peacefulness to your senses, this hill also plays an important role on Baler’s history. This is the only place where the survivors of the tsunami in 1700s that hit the province kept them alive.


Diguisit Rock FormationDiguisit Beach

From Ermita hill you can see this amazing rock formations and I can let this beautiful view came to pass without taking some photos of it.


I admire this rocks for they stand against the strong waves of millions of years and that mould them strong as what they are now.


Baler’s Lighthouse

Enter a caption

When in Diguisit Beach you can see this wonderful white lighthouse on top of a hill. Our tour guide asked us if we wanted to see a great view on top of that lighthouse. In a unison, we answered “YES!” I’ve never climb on a lighthouse before so of course the excitement was overflowing. Until we’re at the bottom of the hill looking for steps or some kind of a way to get to the lighthouse.

Only a trail to climb!
Pahirapan sa pag-akyat! Since we were not ready at naka-tsinelas lang kami. Anyways, always be ready for some adventures when travelling.
Keep rocking the free world!


Baler Pier



Waiting for big waves to hit the pavements and run like kids!

The Hanging Bridge

Keep on holding on!


Photos couldn’t really tell all the stories and aventures we’ve been to. But seeing those ear to ear smiles on our faces this one’s the second best rael we had together! For this year before signing out on our travel duties we will never forget to be always thankful to the One greatest Creator of this amazing world – GOD!


That tiring day calls for a yummy dinner, so we decided to take the famous Surfer Grill in Sabang Beach.

Baler Surfer Grill


While listening to some reggae music.



It was a literal long day for all of us and what we only need that night was a good night’s rest. Hoping to have a safe and sound sleep! See you on our last day on Baler!


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