Dasol, Pangasinan: A Weekend Trip

I always love weekend trips because of the spontaneity it can give. But with the shortest time that I am with the Pampanga Bloggers Society I felt like I need to be in my very adventurous self and just say yes to this weekend trip.

It’s the first summer outing of the group and because of the prior scheduled trips I have, I am not sure of joining them until the last five days to confirm my availability for the trip. It’s true that the least planned trip will always turned out great!

How to get to Dasol

Dasol is a four-hour drive from Pampanga. Ride an Alaminos bound bus and drop off at Alaminos. From Alaminos take a bus bound to Sta. Cruz, Iba, Zambales and tell the driver to drop you off at Dasol highway.
Take a tricycle to Tambobong beach. The road to Tambobong beach is curvy and a little bit longer. But I promise you the drive was worth it once you see the beauty of it.

Where to stay

During our weekend trip we stayed at Tambobong Beach Rains Resort. It houses two front rooms which lets you have a great full view of the beach and two big rooms for families and friends in a big group.

The resort is best for group of friends who wants a less crowd. I tell you this resort has the great view for watching sunrise and sunset.

They can provide you their kitchen if you want to cook. Or sometimes you can ask them to cook for your fresh catch from the ocean.

Tip: Take the earliest trip going to Dasol to catch the sunrise at the beach. All your stress and sleepless nights will really washed away along with the waves that slowly crashing the shores.

What to do at Dasol

1. Sunrise watching


We arrived at Tambobong Beach at 4am. It is good to travel early for you to catch the sunrise at the beach. We were lucky to see the grand entrance of the sun that morning.

2. Culebra Island

Hire a boat which accomodates 5-6 persons to take you to different islands near Tambobong Beach.

The other islands were not advisable to tour around since they welcome you with rocky shores.

The best island for the island hopping was Culebra Island. The island was 20 minutes away from Tambobong beach and its white sand calls you from afar.

Culebra Island was known to house ocean snakes before but now the island was so beautiful and peaceful. You can tour the whole island for 10minutes because of its small area.

The island has cottages that allows group of friends or families to relax and cook their own food.
With its pristine white sand and its blue water one cannot leave the island without taking a lot of photos.

Culebra Island

The scene was really breathtakingly beautiful that even I can’t resist to take a deep breath and just be amazed by it.

3. Cave

cave at tambobong beach

The locals suggested this place they call as “Cave”. It’s only a few meters away from the resort that’s accessible by just walking.

4. Salabusuban Falls

The group is eager to find these hard to pronounce falls since the place is not googleable (haha! Is there such a word as googleable?).

We were told by the locals that the place isn’t beautiful as it was before. But we’re already there might as well see it for ourselves. Just don’t get your hopes high!

We found the place at Bobonot, just a barangay along the highway near Tambobong.

Salabusuban Falls

Unfortunately, the locals are right that the place is not even resembles to a falls. But I’m still glad that were able to see the view.

Salabusuban Falls

According to the locals, there’s a lot of water only when it is wet season. So try to visit the place between July-September to see the falls.

5. Malacapas Viewdeck

Our first plan was to watch the sunrise at Malacapas Viewdeck but since it was too dark and early we decided to check-in at the resort.
Anyway, ditch the plan! Because it’s much more marvelous to see the sunset at Malacapas Viewdeck. It is just along the highway going to Tambobong beach.

Malacapas Viewdeck Pangasinan

Once the golden hour strikes the whole place radiates from orange, red and brown.

Malacapas Viewdeck

It was so majestic and calming that it depicts another day just passed by.

Malacapas Viewdeck

From the viewdeck you can see the ocean, trees and some madre cacao (which by the way looks a lot like those Sakuras of Japan!).

Madre Cacao at Pangasinan

Tip: Don’t forget to take a lot of sunset photos!

6. Swim! Swim! Swim!

Tambobong Beach

Of course take a dip at Tambobong’s beach. I like that the water is not itchy and smelly unlike those commercialized beach I previously been.

7. Stargazing by the beach

The best way to end the night is to lie on the sand while the bonfire brings the heat to the night. Don’t forget to bring a malong to keep you warm and a lot of stories to share with your friends.
This trip was really one for the books! I honestly didn’t think that by the end of this trip I will have #sepanx with the people I’ve been. Even while I write this post I keep on missing these people.

Pampanga Bloggers Society
Photo credits: Sir Mike

I miss you guys, see you soon!

A bunch of strangers before the trip turned into the best of friends! 🙂

Pampanga Bloggers Society

Traveling can really make people much closer to each other. Don’t think about the messed up itinerary.

What’s important is the biggest twist and turns of the events. At the end of the day, what matters most is how the travel ended.


Dasol, will always have my heart. ❤️



Wandering and making friends,


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