Conquering: Osmena Peak

Months ago I still remember that rainy day while I’m riding a habal-habal to the foot of Osmena Peak. 


Osmeña Peak is located in the Municipality of Dalaguete in the province of Cebu. The peak is approximately 1,000 meters above sea level making it the highest peak in the island of Cebu.

The peak is part of the Mantalungon mountain range, which is unique from other mountain ranges in the Philippines because of its multiple jagged hills grouped together that overlook and stretch as far as the Badian shorelines. 

The highest of these hills is the Osmeña Peak named in honor of the famous Osmeña clan in Cebu.

The visual appearance of the Mantalungon range is almost similar in form to the Chocolate Hills of Bohol but the peaks of the ranges are thinner, sharper-pointed and rocky. Unlike the Chocolate Hills, the peaks of the Mantalungon ranges cluster quite near each other and give the impression of being formed from rocks that have survived through time.  

The sun is not shining yet when we were picked up by Kuya Rodel to catch the sunrise at Osmena Peak. To our much excitement we ditched our plan of having our breakfast at the top of O-Peak. 


An hour and a half later, we were all soaked up and greeted by a rainy morning. We were some of the few visitors that day. In spite of that rainy morning we insisted to hike to the top. It was really foggy and windy that morning that we barely even see where we are going. I’m thankful that our guide manages to bring some sunshine to us in spite of the weather. He keeps on reassuring us that the sun will come out and we will see the beauty of O-peak.

Zero visibility!

But every time the wind blows we ducked to keep our balance. I think any moment I will fly because the wind was so strong and for a petite girl like me it was really hard to balance. After 20 minutes we are at the top with some morning hikers and a foreign couple.

Windy trail
We were so sad because we can’t see anything except some foggy white background and rocky spaces.


Our guide told us that the sun will shine – tiwala lang. Then Joana insisted to take some photos in spite of the weather. It is still some kind of adventure though. I let Joana and Jem to take some of their photos while I sat down and warmed myself.



I easily get cold and I am shivering at that moment. Then I started to pray to God that if He can let us see His creation. Since we travelled all the way here to see the beauty of it all I am not giving up just like that. When we all decided to go down because it’s really getting cold up there, our guide wanted some more minutes. Then suddenly it’s like those fogs from movies, slowly moving and clearing.

The first thing we saw from left to right was small green mountain peaks. The movement of the clearing that morning was the most dramatic event I ever saw. Then a rainbow comes up. I want to cry at that moment. The beauty was undeniably amazing! From a lifeless foggy morning to a bright shiny morning field with luscious green mountains!


Yes, rainbow!

I let out my thankful prayers after that. It was really a prayer granted. If we didn’t persist to stay at the top and let ourselves be defeated by the weather we will not see that grand dramatic gesture of Mother Nature. God is really so good!



Staying up there and seeing so much beauty was the most relaxing reward I got that morning.



Suddenly I forgot the cold, my crumbling stomach and my wet clothes. Our faces were beaming with gladness. I assume you can see it very well on our photos.




Well, that’s how we conquered the windy and foggy Osmena Peak. I hope you do the same in your life, just like how we persisted without exception.

While we sat down and braved the wind and coldness!

Hang in there, the sun will come out and everything will be clear. If you have problems right now and your life seems to cover with so much fog, stop and pray for a while. Ask for some clearing and have faith that God will grant your prayers. If he says no, then there’s something out there waiting for you in another form.

Strike a pose with Kuya Rodel!


With lots of love,


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