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The Sunday Currently XIV

I think I’ve been pretty productive this weekend. I am happy on my side-hustle and enjoying the company of my girlfriends.



Nothing. It’s been months since I last read a book and my library is full of good books but I can’t make time (or reasons).

Orphan Black. I binge-watched this show. Maybe this is the real reason why I’m not reading lately. This show is awesome! I love Tatiana Maslany! Hello, Sestra!

To random music on my phone’s playlist while cutting cardstocks for an invitation project.

The hot summer air of April. Time flies so fast, it’s been three weeks since I visited Cebu and I am really missing the beach.

Gray worn out shirt and a breezy shorts. It’s so hot in this tropical country and yet this is the place most of people from cold places wanted to visit.

Of stopping from overthinking things. I am being so paranoid or let’s just say being so scared and pessimist that I am not fun to talk to. Stop it now.

To have rainy days. Farmers need the rain for their plants and it’s becoming a big problem.

To have more side hustle. I really enjoy work that I love. It feels like not working at all.

Happy Sunday, loves!

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