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The Sunday Currently XIX

Okay, so I give myself a pat on the shoulder for coming back in this series of The Sunday Currently on my blog. I really love and hate Sundays. Why?


  1. The vibe is so chill.
  2. I can dress up and it always excites me to go to Church
  3. I love Sundays because I scheduled it as my reading and watching time of the week.
  4. But I hated it because tomorrow is Monday.
  5. And tomorrow starts the workweek.
  6. Too sad to end my beautiful lazy weekend.
  7. Oh yes, I think the list will be too long if I won’t stop now. K.

So yes, to put those thoughts aside I decided to dedicate my Sunday afternoons on writing these series again. Yay!


READING Paano Ba ‘To by Bianca Gonzales. It’s a wonderful book full of tips on dealing life in general. It’s a good read.

WATCHING The Right Kind of Wrong. Do you ever think for an instance that what others think is wrong is actually right?

LISTENING to the vibration of my phone. Someone texted me and telling me to save his/her new number without telling me his/her name. How would I even bother to save it?

WISHING to get over with my little trauma from almost getting rob at a jeepney. Last Wednesday night as I am heading home, a thief slashes my favorite black leather bag. But thanks to this wonderful bag for having a second lining inside and this bad man takes nothing. Right now it’s really scary for me to ride on a  jeepney.

HOPING that this kind of things should stop. It is really haunting.

THINKING of doing a side business again. We need to fund our travels, right? So what’s a good thing to do with all your resources?

SMELLING coffee. i do have acidity attacks but I love coffee –too much.

WEARING this Baguio shirt that I got when I visited that beautiful province years ago. Oh how I love to go back again and smell those pine trees.

I will leave you this wonderful quote from that movie – the right kind of wrong – here it goes:

“Strength isn’t about what you can and what you cannot achieve. It’s about what you will and will not do in order to achieve.”


3 thoughts on “The Sunday Currently XIX

  1. I have acid reflux and I still can’t stop myself from drinking coffee! To avoid the acidity attacks, I usually drink Kopiko L.A. Coffee ? you should try that! ?

    1. Why does our body rejects coffee!? When in fact it’s the most beautiful thing that makes our day awesome! Agree? I should try that, thanks! 🙂

  2. I also hate Sundays just because Monday is the next day, haha! Thinking of side hustles, as well. The regular job just can’t fund the travels anymore. Sighsss.

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