the sunday currently

The Sunday Currently XX

It’s the 20th installment of The Sunday Currently series on my blog! Yay!

It’s been weeks since I last posted a good content here, so I think it’s time to update it with my life.


Reading The Traveller’s Gift which was recommended by a good friend. The story evolves around a man who met famous people and somehow tries to give some lessons to his life.

Listening to Ed Sheeran’s Photograph. Officially #lss on this song!

Watching Me Before You 3 hours ago. It explains why Photograph was on repeat on my music playlist.

Hoping to see the movie again and again. It is totally a good movie! It’s what I expected from the books.

Wishing to have a beautiful singing voice that I may record a cover of Photograph. Lels!

Smelling my perfume which lasts all day. Thanks to my dearest grade school friend who never fails to remember me when she’s here in the country!

Wearing this white tee shirt with words, “Algebra taught me how to replace X’s”

Thinking how someone can be really selfless when he/she loves.


We can really never change someone, we can only give a love they deserve that in time they may realize that it is worth living for.

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