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The Sunday Currently XXI

It’s a long weekend and as much as I dream of a beach vacation I can’t afford it right now because of some priorities. Even if it’s a staycation, I manage to make it super chill and relaxing. Here’s what I am currently up to:

READING Keep the Faith by Ana Tejano, actually I am rereading it. It was really good and it’s been a while since I last read a novel with a Filipino author. This is a story of a community worker with a broken heart finding time to heal it while she’s busy saving the world. By the way, thanks for the free e-book Ms. Ana!

WATCHING Mr. Robot on iFlix. I binge-watch again and my eyes wants to scold me for being such an addict. But who’s not to love Elliot? Yes, he’s weird and has some issues but he is too cool! I can’t wait for its two remaining episodes to air.

LISTENING to the sound of my electric fan because I am writing this post in front it. It’s too hot in the Philippines right now in spite of the fact that we are welcoming a typhoon today. #bipolarweather

WISHING a much cooler evening and world peace.

HOPING to have some side-hustle on these coming months because I am saving for my LASIK surgery on December. Please!

WEARING this worn-out black shirt and a messy new bob cut hair! It’s really a one hot evening.

LOVING my new haircut! I cut six inches of my hair and have it colored. It feels so refreshing but a little bit sad for hairs that I let go. I think that was such a brave act. I wish I could just donate those hairs.

THINKING of cutting too much spending. I admit that I’m not good on budgeting and I always end up spending my savings on things that aren’t really necessary. How to be adult?

How’s your weekend going? Is it the same last weekend or did you have a blast? Share your weekend stories! I’d love to read them.


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