Exploring Baler Part 2

As I’ve promised on my last Baler blog post, here’s the story on our second day on Baler! DISCLAIMER: This post is going to be long, better take your comfortable chair and enjoy!


Playa La Caleta Island, Bagac, Bataan: The Beach

. The night before I watched The Beach of Leonardo Di Carpio which was downloaded on my phone months ago. It was kind of freaky in the middle of the movie but nonetheless a beach like that in the movie is what I was hoping to my after-independence day vacation will be.


Annyeonghaseyo loves!! Today was really tiring yet an exciting day. I got a chance to go to Alabang today and since we were from North it was a first for me. Despite of the traffic, the people around you *crowded!!* , late lunch, the transfer of bus to another , the unending overpass I can… Read More