The Happy List

The Happy List II

  Someone told me that I’m a walking sunshine, it’s because I always love to bring positivity to every negative thing that’s happening. Here’s the list of things that made me happy:


Monday is My Day!

It’s the 9th of November and holidays are coming! I am glad with my life currently. I had this new Acer Aspire laptop for myself since my Neo netbook was broken few months ago. Now I can update this blog whenever I can. This is the season to start giving and this is also the… Read More Monday is My Day!



Last Wednesday while I am waiting for my turn to cross the road, I saw a twenty-peso bill at the ground. I look for someone but I was alone. I picked it up and hold it until I reach the jeepney terminal. I don’t know what to do with the bill and just put it… Read More BENTE



Sabado. Madalas ito ang araw ng pamamasyal, bonding time ng mga tao. May mga kaibigan ako pero kakaunti lang di ako yung tipo ng taong madaling humanap ng kaibigan. Suplada raw kasi ako. Na hindi naman totoo. Busy na lahat sila sa kanya-kanya nilang buhay.