Oh, Sweetie Home!

Fresh new home! Hello friends! Adventures of Camille just moved from www.camielopez.wordpress.com into its new home and it’s my pleasure to welcome you all here! I’ve been wanting to buy my own domain for quite some time now. But I don’t have enough courage to do it and when I start to plan, all those scary things… Read More Oh, Sweetie Home!

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I woke up before my phone’s alarm sings. Opened the world of Facebook and unofficial vote counts of this country’s politicians greeted me “Good Morning, you-lazy-woman-who-didn’t-took-the-opportunity-to-vote.” A lot of politics-related articles roaming around my news feed but only one got me into deep thinking – CHANGE IS COMING. I don’t know if I will get excited or totally… Read More Change

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Too Tuesday

The sun is too hot this past few days and everyone, including me, managed to take a trip to the beach. I’ve been to Cebu last 29th of March and it’s been two weeks and I still feel the tranquility of travelling. I woke up today feeling so lazy, I guess I needed to change… Read More Too Tuesday


Dreaming of Sunshine

I’m supposed to write a story of my recent trip with my girls but there are things running in my head. It’s like they are speeding at a highway right now as I type this words. But these were not as serious as you think they are. Some matters which are the results of my… Read More Dreaming of Sunshine

The Happy List

The Happy List II

  Someone told me that I’m a walking sunshine, it’s because I always love to bring positivity to every negative thing that’s happening. Here’s the list of things that made me happy: