Three Ways to Conquer Lazy Days

Rainy season has come in the Philippines and there will be a lot of lazy days to come. So instead of being stuck in bed all day and stuffing our mouths with lots of junk food, I listed three ways to conquer those lazy days and enjoy being at home in this rainy season.


  1. Read a book.

This is the best time that we can read and update our goodreads account. Because we can’t be on the road always and it is very lazy to go out with this kind of season – reading is the best way to travel while sitting and sipping your favorite cup of coffee.

Read Days


  1. Start a new hobby.

    Learn something new in this rainy season. You can try crocheting, baking or doing calligraphy. And this entire new hobby only requires a few things to get you started. Plus, there are lots of tutorial from the internet and free patterns and recipes to try!

My Week In Photos May 21 27 Posting (9)



  1. Exercise!

You can never make the rainy days as your excuse for turning you into sluggish and inactive couch potatoes. We need to keep on going and maintain your fitness! There are lots of available indoor workout exercises that you can try. You can still take awesome #ootds for your exercise day by wearing cool gym clothes.


My favorite is these pair of leggings from ZAFUL. They are very comfortable, lightweight and fashionable.

Yoga Leggings 2

I also love the high quality from their leggings that even though your workouts include a lot of stretching they can still support you.

Yoga Leggings 3

Do you think you can wear these leggings and click with it? You can choose from a variety of selection at their site.

Being productive on rainy days can also be possible just keep in mind that there are still a lot of things that you can do even if it’s raining hard outside!


Trying not be a couch potato,

Camille ♥


2 thoughts on “Three Ways to Conquer Lazy Days

  1. I conquer my lazy days but watching in Netflix for the entire day… Haha! But, if I’m feeling extra, I clean my apartment or do something more productive. I like the leggings! I am working out at home only, but I still prefer to wear my workout clothes.

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