Dreaming of Sunshine

I’m supposed to write a story of my recent trip with my girls but there are things running in my head. It’s like they are speeding at a highway right now as I type this words.

But these were not as serious as you think they are. Some matters which are the results of my previous lack of focus and being ignorant. I’m thinking maybe if I started it right a year ago things won’t get worse as what I am experiencing right now.

I hate finding things which is why I can’t focus right now on other things. I’ve been this kind of person who can’t be relaxed when she’s finding something. Oh goodness. Sorry. If you’re reading it and you’re not happy about my rants you should close this page now. Thanks dear.

Because of those procrastination and unorganized life things are getting mixed up now. And here’s my dream trip coming in two weeks and I haven’t filed a leave from work yet. That I think this causes my anxiety too. Right now I need someone to talk to. Someone to hug. Can someone send a virtual hug?

I can’t talk to no one cause I hate the fact that I disappointed myself. Bigtime. Now all I need is to accept the fact and face the consequences head on. And of course pray that things will be good and that God will take over. For He said on His words,

Don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry itself.

I am keeping my faith now. I am surrendering it all now to my God. I hope you too. Everyone who suffers pain and burdens right now take God’s medicine. Take His sunshine and sleep well tonight.

I love you, cause God loves you.


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