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MY WEEK IN PHOTOS: MARCH 12-18, 2018 (The One Where Summer and Rainy Season Collide!

Another week has passed and in spite of the summer season we had here in the Philippines, rain showed up on a friday afternoon. I kept on ranting about how I really hate the rain – from traffic to delay meetups. Plus the full packed jeepneys because no one expected that it will rain that night.


On the happier side, rain can also bring longer moments to spend with someone you love to spend some time. Bonus, is that rain make you guys so much closer because you need to share an umbrella. Ha!

Here’s the rundown of MARCH 12-18 – The One Where Summer and Rainy Season Collide!

At Nlex Tollgate My Week In Photos

Look at that Monday morning! It was a bright and sunny day. Cool skies and green grass.


A Week In Photos Mar 13 Camille Lopez.jpg
A Week In Photos Mar 13 Camille Lopez.jpg

Yay! CabbageWhite finally has their round rattan bag on Outpost Life+Style Store at Marquee Mall! After months of finding for the right store, finally I bought mine. Super excited na ako beshies to use it on my beach getaway!

Rattan Bag from Cabbage White

So p-r-e-t-t-y!! ♥


A Week In Photos Mar 14 Camille Lopez.jpg

On Wednesday, I met Ms. Armela for my collaboration of calligraphy name tag on the #WomenWill event.


A Week In Photos Mar 15 Camille Lopez.jpg

It’s a long night for me and I finished my name tags just in time for the event.

At Sm Telabastagan My Week In Photos March 16

Rain started to pour really hard. Is it really summer? The roads flooded and the traffic was so bad that I waited for 45 minutes for my supplier under that rain.

Imonster Videoke Hub

Meanwhile M, waited almost 2 hours for me because we’re attending his colleagues birthday party. We arrived at 8pm and everyone’s enjoying the night so well.

Krispy Kreme Marquee Mall

I should be on a shopping challenge with Qing, (sorry beshie!) but unfortunately there’s a reason behind that cap. I have an irritated eye and I am too scared that it might be a sty – again. So I decided to cancel our shopping date.


But I still need to go out and buy some errands that Saturday afternoon. So no choice but to go out for 2 hours. I can’t resist having my favorite drink in the world at Krispy Kreme. LELZ!


Travelling From Angeles To Mabalacat

It’s a Sunday and we commute from Angeles to Mabalacat since our car is broken and is currently for repair. It was a long ride and sometimes I think how I get to experience comfortability and hardships.


For me commuting is not really embarassing because you can see the small things and the prettiest ones when you started to take the other way. If I took our car that day, I will not experience a different Sunday. I will not take a ride from this red leather jeepney seat, I will not look at the other side where a lot of vendors are taking their first benta of the day.


Try to appreciate something new on your daily life!


Having fun always,

Camille ♥

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