My Week in Photos


I think I always love surprises but sometimes because I get easily suspicious I tend to ruin it.

Sometimes, I can sense if someone is trying to surprise me or if someone is hiding something from me. Well, honestly it’s a good and bad thing. Good because they don’t need to lie to me just to get their surprise done and bad because the sense of surprise is getting lower.

So as much as possible I am not thinking or assuming that there will be a surprise for me.  Actually I also apply it on my daily life. Because every day got its own bunch of surprises!




Img 20180521 150621

Img 20180521 150625

We went looking for a good conference table for work. But we end up enjoying good pieces at the furniture shop.


Img 20180522 190126

Img 20180522 190824

Grocery day. Got hungry so we grab some waffles and tried Happy Cup Milk Tea in Taro.


Today’s marked our first year anniversary! I never thought I will meet him on those complicated days of my life. It’s as if God was telling me that day when we first met that I screwed up big time! So He made me realize that my dream on a November day was from Him. And that time was really perfect for us to meet. God really is so good! He always makes sure that you will listen to Him when the right time comes.

I’ve been praying for this kind of love ever since I got my heart broken. Then one day God made me stop looking for a love that isn’t from Him. He gave me the desires of my heart.

Img 20180523 215326

M and I decided to have our anniversary at home and we will just cook some samgyeopsal because we can’t have some dinner out since it’s a weekday. While I was coming home from work my sister called me to buy some groceries which was kind of weird.  She prefers to ask my little brother to do those things. But today was different. So I gladly obeyed her since M was still at his apartment. She called again telling me to wait for our Dad who’s around the supermarket to pick me up. I was like, “Oh okay.” I am getting suspicious at that time.  So I called in M to ask where he is at that time and he told me that I should go home first. Right that time, my suspicion is getting stronger.

When we were in front of our house, Dad didn’t open the gate immediately. Then when he got into the car he told me that the tricycle of the carpenter (my room is under renovation) is obstructing the driveway so he had to move it first.

As I opened my bedroom door, I am welcomed by dark lit room with Moira singing You are my Sunshine in the background. The room was light up and there I saw M standing with a bouquet of roses in his hand smiling at me.

Img 20180523 190343

Img 20180523 190401

I don’t know how to react that moment. I was really surprised. Though I had this feeling that there’s something going on, the reality is much perfect! Then I didn’t know I was crying in the middle of it all. I am crying in joy as we prayed together and thanked the Lord for his goodness.

Img 20180523 211633


Img 20180525 081416

Still happy.


Img 20180525 184831

Img 20180525 190044

It’s been awhile since I ate alone at a fast food restaurant.


Img 20180526 131920

M didn’t expect another gift from me. So his face light up when he saw my anniversary gift to him!

Spa day and dinner at Kcafe.


Img 20180527 171640

Looking for a cool tshirt dress to pair my white sneakers and did some crocheting in the afternoon.


Do you love getting surprises? There are really some surprises that are coming to our lives. They supposed to come in such a way that you will not be suspicious or you won’t think that these will come. And that’s the beauty of it, the sense of being surprised!


Always in awe,

Camille ♥