My Week in Photos


It’s my third week of doing this installment for the blog and it keeps getting harder to keep up. I guess I still need to be in the habit of doing this. Well, anyway I tried to be early going to the office and everyone was shocked on my time. For starters, I am always late on coming to the office and that’s not a good thing. Two years ago I changed my time schedule from 8am-5pm to 8:30am-5:30pm. I feel very stressed every day when I commute because of the traffic and being late.

So it’s summer and my Dad comes to work alone, that’s when I decided to take a carpool with him everyday. Plus, I get to have free breakfast because of that!

Being early means having a lot of Sunrise photos! This is my first day of being early to work.

I arrived at the intersection at 7am that’s too early for my time schedule that I decided to go to Mcdonald’s for a breakfast take out. But to my surprise, they are giving away free breakfast for the National Breakfast Day!

Tuesday has a lot of freebies! I had a free breakfast with my Dad and siblings at Jollibee. And lunch was taken care of my Boss. Yay!

It was kind of surprise that Wednesday morning.

Got a new book while waiting for my brother and sister at the mall. Then we had a family dinner at Max’s which by the way my favorite chicken restaurant!

I am so sleepy on a Friday afternoon that I took a coffee break and stayed for a while at our fire exit.

Saturday was my surprise to M. I took him to the Lubao Balloon Hot Air and Music Festival! But first breakfast at 4am.

Qing joined us that morning and then we saw the Blogger Jowas! Unfortunately we don’t have any photos with them. Lelz!

We decided to take our lunch at Zark’s burger. And those burgers really made us feel so alive! I am very hungry now by just telling you and seeing these photos!

I hope you also had a great week guys. See yoy next week!

Always hungry,

Camille 💙

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