Remember Me

i just don’t see the point in waiting. I mean what if I die while eating my entree?”

These are the words that struck me while watching Remember Me yesterday. This is a romantic drama film which centers on the new couple, Tyler, who is a directionless college student who has a deep anger with his father and Ally, who lives each day to the fullest since she witnessed her mother’s murder 10 years ago and also has the same anger with his dad for not saving her mother’s life in spite of his job, being a cop.



This movie is not an ordinary thing because it’s plot is really unpredictable. The story is not your usual happy ending story but the tragic story brings out positiveness. It’s not only a love story between Tyler and Ally but also it’s a story of a broken family.



Ally has trauma with subway trains after witnessing her mother’s murder. While Tyler’s sister is a victim of school bullying because with her relationship with her dad. But after Tyler’s death, September 11,2001, all of them face their fears.



I’m really glued with Ally’s quote because she’s really true.

Why wait? Why wait for the things you really want to do now? Is pride becoming a barrier? What if you die and regretting those things that you should have done while you’re alive? What if the person that really needs you died and you’ll end up regretting all of your life?

We need to remember that before all else fail, we must do what we really need to do. Don’t waste your time waiting for the right time. Do you need to say sorry to your parents? Don’t wait for the right time. Do it now. Do you need to say I love you to the person right beside you? Don’t keep it. Speak up. Do you need to do what you’re heart really wants to do? Do it. And don’t let anything or anyone comes in your way.



Tyler also has his journal with him and writing random thoughts about his life. I think it’s his way of wanting him to be remember when he dies.


How about you, do you have something to be remembered? Do you have good memories to be remembered? Do you have something for the people you love the most? Did you do something good to be talked about when you’re not anymore in this earth? Did your fingerprints leave something on the people around you?

We must also remember that we’re just like a flower that’s quickly fading. Here today and gone tomorrow. Don’t let everyone remember you being the bad one. Don’t let the next generations that you will left have bad memories with you.



Make something good to be remember when you die. It’s not really hard to something good to your neighbor. Remember it’s also in the bible that you must love your neighbor as you love yourself.



Start doing it right now. I know you don’t want people to forget you and to bury all of the memories they have with you in oblivion. Also because our fingerprints really don’t fade from the lives we’ve touched.

Think about it as you read this post. I just want you to live every second of your life. Start to leave good memories. Don’t wait. Do it now.  And live to fullest!





Originally wrote on on 6th of May 2012

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