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Life Recently: The Life Update

Hi! I don’t know if someone’s still reading this blog but you see a lot has been going with my life on the last quarter of 2018. I’ve been MIA not only on this online journal but also to some people I work with and even to my friends.


I love writing or let’s just say I love telling my story on a journal, in this case an online journal. But I am fortunately given a chance to be part of something bigger than my circle. I got the chance to be part of a community of bloggers around my hometown. At first I am really grateful to meet different kinds of people with one common passion – blogging. But you see we’re getting older and if some of you may know me really well, I can’t stick to one passion. I love juggling many things. That is me.

And that started my candle to become partially lit on blogging LIFE. The once diligent young lady who attends every blogging event suddenly laid low. I felt for an instant that blogging suddenly become a chore to me and not the thing that I just love to do. Suddenly it became a job to post an article or curate a photo for social media blasting.

It is honestly became a burden to me. I am too shy to not accomplish things on my part. It was too much for me. I don’t know what happen but it happened. I don’t even want to write for the most part. And this online journal suddenly a strange blog to me.

I am glad to read a friend’s new blog again.

That hits me. I should write again. Document my life the way I used to do.

I won’t be attending events now but I can write whatever I feel at the moment. At the end of the day, no one’s forcing me to be a blogger or an influencer. I just dropped it and just write my heart out.

Just like the old days.



2018 was really challenging in terms of career. I’ve been with my job for five years and I am feeling super comfortable with what I am doing.

I’m not a very goal oriented person when it comes to career. I always say to myself, “at least may trabaho ako.” But we are getting older and we need to be financially stable with this kind of environment we have. Commodities are getting higher in price yet my salary is not that competing.

That hits me, “I need to do something.”

I applied for another job and thank God I got a much better offer. I’ll be starting my new job on March!

When it’s no longer fulfilling, even if you’re comfortable with what you do, don’t hesitate. Walk away. (Araullo, 2017)


Mike and I spent our one-year anniversary last May 2018. And it was a very celebratory day for us. He keeps on doing extra efforts to surprise me and make me happy.

He makes sure that my tummy is full and always make it hurt with his jokes. Well, I asked God to give me a man that serves Him well and loves Him as much as I do.

You may say that my prayers were answered. I may not write all the things that I prayed to God, but all of the specifics were answered. And that is – Mike.

A day before my birthday he successfully planned a surprise for me and asked me formally to get married.

Of course you know the answer – I SAID YES!!

Adventures of Camille is now getting married this 2019!

My heart is full of joy and that night is one of the best gift I have in this lifetime.


If sometimes you lose yourself, learn to stop, breathe and try to find yourself to the place where you started.


This is how I started.


Writing with love,

Camille Lopez ♥

3 thoughts on “Life Recently: The Life Update

  1. hello, Camille! tbh it’s my first time to come here in your blog. congratulations on your engagement, I pray that you and your fiance’s happiness as you journey along and for your new job! Keep it up <3 when I was new at blogging, I would find ways to join blog events in my area but I never had a chance. The blogosphere nowadays is rarely updated by their owners or some shifted to vlogging but nevertheless, I still visit some of my favorite blogs. Keep on writing, love!

    1. Thanks, Kai! Honestly joining blog events is so much fun! I met my fiance on one of the blog events so I really feel glad that I am able to join those events. I hope you can join too. See you around!

  2. Camille, I am so proud and happy for you especially the LOVE LIFE part. Keep on writing to inspire others but most importantly, to just do things you love doing.

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