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The Sunday Currently XVIII

READING Maybe Not by Coleen Hoover. After reading Maybe Someday I just can’t let Warren and Bridgette’s story pass so I decided to read this companion novella.

WATCHING Home, an animated movie about an alien race called Boov invade the planet and relocate the humans – all except Tip. When Tip meets Oh, a fugitive Boov who’s curious with the people, they become friends and the story of learning to treasure your family and friends above else takes place.

LISTENING to Lesson 2 of The Goal-Setting Guide for Creatives: How to Make Your Ideas Happen in 2016 e-course of Arriane Serafico. I recently enrolled in this class as a birthday gift to myself. For some of you who knew me, I am really a master in procrastinating things. So this year I want to BE PROACTIVE and make my goals happen.

THINKING the lessons over and over again to keep me motivated in achieving my goals. I will also relaunch my cupcake business soon.

HOPING that my marketing skills will level up this time. I know it takes a lot of courage in building up your own business but as the saying goes, “kung gusto, maraming paraan!”

WEARING my new favorite necklace from Joana and this new matte lippie from my sister! Oh yes, I super love them!


When people are asked about their age, they usually ignore it or keep there age a secret. I don’t know what’s the point in hiding their real age. Age is just a number. I believe that sharing your age can’t make you look like a fool, instead it will give you an honor. For the years that you live and made it alive, you should still be thankful you reach that age.

Some people are not blessed to live longer than you are, so stop being so dramatic if you aged a year. Be thankful for the life!




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