Sleep Tips: 3 Simple Steps that will help you have a good sleep

Did you ever experience to sleep for more than 12 hours? Because for the record I did that this month and my friends call me as the Sleeping Beauty for a reason that I still feel heavy-eyed after waking up. I just love sleeping as much as I love eating and traveling. Curious why I can do that? Well, it’s all in your bedroom and the way it is arranged.

Here are my tips on how you can have a good sleep:

  1. Clean your room.

Your bedroom is for rest and no one can have a good sleep if it’s messy. Clear out the clutter that are not appropriate in your room. You can try to move some of your gadgets, appliances and work table bit far from your bed.

  1. Paint your room.

I repainted my bedroom blue not just because I love the color but it also signals peace and relaxation. I also put some curtains to make my bedroom a little bit dark. Because light inhibits the secretion of melatonin, a hormone that promotes sleep.

  1. Make your bed comfortable.

Choosing a good bed will help your body to have a good sleep. A bed shouldn’t be too soft or too hard. The pillows should not be too hard or too soft. Also, choose a good scent that can help you relax.

In my search for new addition to my sleeping haven, I receive a versatile pillow as a gift.  This person really knows I’m a sleeping monster for giving me a pillow.

I am so glad to receive the knot pillow by shintaro, which is made from a natural fabric and 100% polyester fiber stuffing. The pillow comes with a rucksack and in circular design.




Now, why don’t you share you’re good sleep habits? And let’s all have a sound sleep!


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