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I can’t promise you a life without pain and loss. Because pain is part of your life. It what makes who you are.

These words keep on playing on my head for the past two days. And it feels so real and definitely true. It takes some courage for someone to fully understand and accept pain and loss. Sometimes we tend to create our own perfect life and fantasized about it. But reality shouts the opposite of it.

I’ve been mending a broken heart over the death of a love one. After a year of experiencing a death in the family, here we are again broken hearted. But yes, we all accepted it wholeheartedly and give up their souls to our one great God. After all, they are His own. They say death is like a thief and no one knows when it will come but always remember that we will come to that day. But the unexpected timing of it shocks every human. No exception to this rule. Everyone will experience the pain in losing someone. Everyone will lose someone. Most importantly is everyone will definitely heal and continue the life he still have. Life will not stop there.

I believe that we need to look death in a way that God wants us to know that there’s always a purpose in everything that’s happening right now. Don’t ever be deceived by the guilt, anger and sadness. Don’t let these rule your life after all of it. Be grateful always for God has plans even before you started planning it for yourself.

I’m very proud to those people who keep on having a grateful heart and surviving all of it. It’s a matter of surrendering it all to the almighty one – GOD. Yes, those loved ones that will go six feet under will only be the bodies they had in this Earth and their souls, I believe, is in the place people call – Heaven. No matter what traditions and culture people on this earth will do or will exert nothing will change. I personally witness a tradition I will never understand the concept. Or maybe that will be my decision on it. I don’t know where it came from or whoever started it. But sometimes it’s really painful to see such things to a person, even if it’s dead, to perform these rituals. It’s just so mind blowing to me.

I know everyone has their own traditions and culture and I respect all of that. That’s clear to me. I just wish to understand it in the future. But for me, having to remind those precious moments with them, the good attitude they taught me and the legacy they left in this world is what matters to me.

It’s important to now love and pray for those they left behind. Praying for them to be strong and continue the life God wants them to have and make them realize that living a good life will make their loved ones not just happy but proud if they are still here.

Make your loved ones happy and proud for I know they are in Paradise watching over you. Happy Sunday everyone!

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