Musings of Life: June

Before my memory fades I want to write all these things that happened in the last month of summer – June.

People started schooling. Some ended their amazing vacations. Others are broke. One of them is me. But being broke in terms of money didn’t turned me into Grinch.

It just made me realize how happy I can be with such experiences. Before I will get myself bored reading this long introduction when I am an old woman I’ll start the series of my June life.




Lindsay, me and my two pimps!

This lady was now a mom. We’re friends since the morning of my first day in college when she called out to me “Ate, tara sama ka! Bili tayong yellow paper.” That’s the story of our yellow paper friendship. Its blank pages are having these stories of our lives.

It’s her birth month and the winning hangout of the year is the CHAMPAS. A mexican restaurant, offering a wide array of Mexican dishes.



Lost in its beauty!

Three months in planning. Two days of adventure. And a lifetime of grand memories.

The story of this wonderful beach is in another post I made. But still it is one of the best places I’ve been to. Did I already told you the people with me in this beach are the best travel buddies I have.


No cellphone signal, no internet, no computer and no distraction are the best things in this place. Just enjoy life. The simple one.



Travelling without actually flying in that country. Is this Vietnamese enough for people who already visited Vietnam? Well, for a non-passport holder like me and never been outside the Lupang Hinirang I wished that this is a bit of Vietnam and its cuisine at Banh Mi, Angeles City.

Invited two of my friends which I called our friendship,



Paano? I met John on my first job. I just love his creative juices, animated stories every morning and this weird relationship with fashion all the time (at lahat ng ka-artehan at pagpapaka-deep minsan!)

Jogs. Don’t be mistaken with the masculine name. Because she’s the most stunning and empowered woman I know. She loves makeup, fashion and travelling. When I say travelling, it is the most extreme thing you can think she’s taking. Even herself could not believe it too.

Minsan yung mga masasakit na pagkakataon ang bumubuo sa iyo. Ito ang mga nagiging dahilan kung bakit ka kumikinang. Tulad ng diyamanteng matagal na kinikiskis upang kuminang at magmahal.




They are friends because they share the same interests in life, the same experiences and the same heart.

This movie is my Begin Again feels. Good acoustic music plus heartbreaking kilig story that will smear your double layers of mascara and will leave you a last song syndrome of PAANO BA MAGMAHAL.

Minsan may mga taong darating sa buhay natin hindi para mag-stay, kundi para patayin ka lang. Pero nasa sa’yo kung hahayaan nilang patayin ang lahat ng masaya sa’yo.


I guess that’s the bitterness of loving. But how sweet it is to be loved by a person. So don’t stop spreading love and friendship. Kahit paulit-ulit ka pang masaktan at matagalan ka pang maghintay sa bagong istorya ng iyong buhay, just don’t stop.

Salamat sa malakas na ulan, na kahit hindi ko gusto ang mga araw na pinasusungit mo ang panahon at pinaluluha mo ang kalangitan, binigyan mo pa rin ako ng pagkakataong maisulat ang laha ng kuwentong mula Mexico, Bataan, Vietnam at mula sa Puso.

Loving and Hating the rain,

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