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I woke up before my phone’s alarm sings. Opened the world of Facebook and unofficial vote counts of this country’s politicians greeted me “Good Morning, you-lazy-woman-who-didn’t-took-the-opportunity-to-vote.”

A lot of politics-related articles roaming around my news feed but only one got me into deep thinking – CHANGE IS COMING. I don’t know if I will get excited or totally scared of this line. I always fear change. A lot of times I feel left alone when people around me changes and I still stuck in the world I live in for years.

I fear that one day all of our written dreams, plans and goals were suddenly right in front of us and it only choses one. And that isn’t me. I fear that you’ve changed into something I don’t even know. I fear that I might lose a friend whose always been there to dream with me, to plan our future goals.

Months later, I didn’t know you. You morphed into something bigger. You made me feel that I am not into your world anymore. Friends who are into your world are the ones you want to talk to. I wonder what your topics are? Do you plan how to be much bigger now? While I am here looking like a little kid wanting to be part of your circle.

I guess, change is really a scary thing. If you’re not prepared. If you don’t want it to accept. But, always, at the end of the day, we need to accept that nothing’s permanent except change. If there are people who changed and you can’t be in their world, make a new world where you can put people who can change with you. Not the people who only change for themselves.


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