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5 Reasons You Should Never Get Sick

In a year, I rarely get sick or sometimes I never. But whenever this viruses attack me. i just drink a lot of water and fight it with all my might. Thinking it might just go away without going to a doctor for a check-up.

But this past week I’ve been nursing a cold and all my long weekend getaway plans were cancelled. Yay! Thanks to this bipolar weather! #Sarcasmnesssss

And after for so many years I visited my doctor. Guess what, I got a little bit scolded for being too hard headed and being ignorant. That’s why I came up with a list of reasons why you should never get sick,

1. Being sick is pricey.
Just like that famous commercial line, “bawal magkasakit”. Being sick requires a lot of medicines and even if you have a health card, medicines can really dig a hole on your pockets.

2. It requires you to rest.
Who doesn’t want to take a rest? But taking a rest means – bed rest! No heavy daily routines and being sick can really put you into a boring zone.

3. Isolation.
You don’t want to be the culprit of spreading virus in your company, so better lock yourself in your bedroom and drink a lot of water. Don’t forget to eat fruits rich in Vitamin C.

4. People tend to get so sweet and concern around you.
But to the extend that it annoys you. You need to get used to the timely checking of your mom on your body temp and nags you to eat a lot before drinking your meds. Eat a lot on TIME. Even if you’re still full. Oh man.

5. Medicines.
Fact: I hate drinking medicines. With a simple reason, I can’t gulp down the medicines. It’s really frustrating and awkward. I feel so frustrated with all these meds. And that bitter after taste. #nakakabitter

I know it’s just a list of five reasons why I hate being sick and some of you think I am so weird to write it down. But I need to because if there’s someone out there who’s brave enough to put a light on this dark days I’m thanking you in advance!

How do you cope up sickly days? I wanna hear your rants and your days. Just comment below and let’s talk and laugh about it!

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