2017 Year Review: BRAVE

Year 2017 was tagged to be my Brave Year to date. I always face people with a strong face but I never felt so brave. Last year I googled BRAVE and this is what I got from it:

  1. ready to face and endure danger or pain; showing courage.

I never thought being brave is a combination of being easy and difficult thing to do. I also realized that it isn’t some kind of a habit. It will only flow naturally if you learn to forget how to be an over thinker. Yes, I admit I am an over thinker and I think for the future instead of what’s today. Well, in some ways that’s a good thing but there are a lot of missed opportunities in my life because of this constant habit of over thinking.

That’s when I decided to make my 2017 theme to be BRAVE. I want to be ready to face things, situations or events. Full face on. No more “walkouts” or “whatever-faces”. Just pure being BRAVE even if it takes to endure the pain, because that’s only you can say you are COURAGEOUS enough to face trials in your life.

I am fulfilled on what went to the year 2017 and a lot of things taught me on being Brave, on learning to say YES/NO and absolutely on learning what I really want in my life.

Here’s the rundown of  BRAVE 2017:


January: Spent my birthday with my college girlfriends and a “short-time-friend” I met from a month ago.

Here we talked about how being brave means getting happy and broken at the same time. But man, God is so GOOOOOD!! ♥




February: A blogger’s trip to Dasol, Pangasinan and the misadventures in Bohol.

It was a very memorable trip, because I just joined this group without expecting nothing but I ended up having a group of travel blogger-friends. Just like what Hance said “many realizations on this trip!”


My misadventures in Bohol is one for the books too! ♥

March: First #IGMeetinPampanga

Went to different beautiful churches in my hometown and took a lot of photos. To which I remember to post on my blog soon.

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April: Walang mali sa MALIGCONG. ♥

I went on to this spontaneous trip to the mountains of MALIGCONG and experience a very chill life. I felt very recharged after this trip.



May: Full of LOVE and Happiness ♥

The very brave thing to do is love and let GOD’s will prevail. ♥


June: Surprise birthdays and fake photoshoot.

It’s M’s birthday and it is his first birthday in my life. So I planned a surprise birthday party for him.



July: Prenup Wedding Photoshoot apprentice

I am an apprentice for a day! Well, I sneak some good photos too. 💕



August: Bridesmaid duty for my dear friend, Herlaine.


I did my best to be presentable and the best bridesmaid for my friend.

September: Shared some written calligraphy quotes for my nephew’s baptism party.


October: My first Calligraphy Workshop!


November: Supported my PDI Team on its first fashion show collaboration with Newpoint Mall.



December: Holiday Parties Everywhere and my first Christmas with M.


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These people helped me brought out the best in me and of course led me to the Love I never expected. Mes Amies 💕. • To see them swipe ➡️ • Thanks to the generous people who made our #teamPDI year end party awesome: @chickenallwaysofficial @susiescuisine @urbantable @indu • #AdventuresofCamille #PampangaBloggers #PampangaDigitalInfluencers #visitPampanga2018 #tasteintravel #welltravelled #passportexpress #passionpassport #openmyworld #goplayoutside #exploremore #bestvacations #Pampanga #wonderful_places #ilovetravel #travelgram #lonelyplanet #travelawesome #travelnow #traveldeeper #passportable #instatravel #stayandwander #travelon #exploringtheglobe #instapassport #doyoutravel #worlderlust #travel

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The first months of 2017 were a total roller coaster ride and I never thought that being vocal on being Brave can be a lot of work. Last year, I learned that you can never force someone to do things without his/her full heart on it.

I made a drastic decision on January and realized it was too all wrong and ended it without any hesitation from what I prayed to the Lord. I was broken and hurt. But then the Lord who already knows what will happen to your life put a huge band-aid on your heart.

Then suddenly all my prayers were slowly being answered. The prayers were from five years ago are now very clearly answered. Even now that I am writing this post I still can’t believe all that has happen last year.

I am so very happy that the word itself cannot suffice the feeling that is in me. A lot of people came into my life and best of them are the ones who stayed and made me feel my weaknesses are the one who made me whole.

Thank you to my family for always loving the tamad kid in me , to my friends whom I barely see but still keep in contact, to my #TeamPDI who were a mere instruments of God on meeting a special person in my life, to my M – thank you for loving me and bringing out the best in me always. And to my Saviour and Creator, thank you for the whole year of guiding, saving and blessing me with so much!

I prayed a prosperous and filled with love new year! To a #Braver2018 let’s do it!


A brave adventurer,



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