Top Five Favorite Picks at The Muceno Food Park

Summer already started a month ago and everyone was at the beach enjoying some salty water and having tan skin. But, for some of us who just didn’t prepare for that summer-ready beach body we enjoy taking a nice sip of that ice cold coffee with some spicy chicken wings in these hot summer afternoons. I for sure love the beach, but hey I really love going to quirky places with good food.

We were invited to Muceno food park and I never say no to food guys. Even if you’ll probably say I’m so skinny. We were at the park earlier so it’s nice to have a good seat, because this food park may get very crowded late in the evening. People just love eating!


Here’s my top five favourite picks at the Muceno Food Park:

  1. Wicked Wings

Top on the list is the Wicked Wings. You can choose two flavors in one order for your chicken wings. Who doesn’t love wings?



  1. Nitro 7 Coffee and Tea Bar


Their nitrogen coffee infused was one of a kind. It was my first time to try coffee infused with nitrogen. The nitrogen makes the coffee creamier and serves as the ice as well. Try it!



  1. Wrap Eat Out

Something new? Then try these vegetarian wraps.


  1. Milkshake LAB

At first sight I never wanted to touch these shakes because they are just beautiful! How am I suppose to ruin this beauty?


  1. Pomodoro Pizza Pasta Kitchen

Yes, they have good food at this food park! Never heard of having pizza or pasta on a food park? Looks yummy and definitely taste yummy.

Those are my favourite picks guys. I love spending time with my friends over good food. So don’t mop around for not spending #LABORacay , you can still have a blast by spending your day off somewhere quirky and can definitely fill your tummies.



Richthofen St corner Hensonville, Malabanias,

Sta. Maria Ave, Angeles, Pampanga



Always in search of good food,


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