Remember Me

“i just don’t see the point in waiting. I mean what if I die while eating my entree?” These are the words that struck me while watching Remember Me yesterday. This is a romantic drama film which centers on the new couple, Tyler, who is a directionless college student who has a deep anger with […]

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Life Lately : Half of July

Moody skies and unpredictable weather is all over my life lately. Lately I’m used to book-movies-tv shows sessions. I know it sounded lazy and unproductive. But we should let ourselves relax a bit and travel to a place where we don’t need to move. With those books and the stories they had, I managed to travel to […]

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Grease Musical: A Review

My love for watching theater plays started when I was in college. The first play I saw must be really great because after that one there are countless of plays that I went to see. I really admire the actors from theater students to professional ones. I think it’s because acting in front of a […]

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