Three Ways to Conquer Lazy Days

Rainy season has come in the Philippines and there will be a lot of lazy days to come. So instead of being stuck in bed all day and stuffing our mouths with lots of junk food, I listed three ways to conquer those lazy days and enjoy being at home in this rainy season.

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I woke up before my phone’s alarm sings. Opened the world of Facebook and unofficial vote counts of this country’s politicians greeted me “Good Morning, you-lazy-woman-who-didn’t-took-the-opportunity-to-vote.” A lot of politics-related articles roaming around my news feed but only one got me into deep thinking – CHANGE IS COMING. I don’t know if I will get excited or totally… Read More Change

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Too Tuesday

The sun is too hot this past few days and everyone, including me, managed to take a trip to the beach. I’ve been to Cebu last 29th of March and it’s been two weeks and I still feel the tranquility of travelling. I woke up today feeling so lazy, I guess I needed to change… Read More Too Tuesday