Bucketlist: Learn How To Drive A Car

Good news! I recently ticked one on my bucket list: LEARN HOW TO DRIVE. Since I was in college I am learning how to drive a manual transmission car, but I fail every time. I am really upset each time one of my family member gets sick and no one knows how to drive except my Dad. Sometimes my Dad drives even he’s sick. So I told myself I really need to learn. Also, that three weeks my Dad was out of town and we were commuting every Sunday was really hassle.

Those circumstances really pushed me to enroll in a driving class and pursue my dream of driving a car. Finally, I enrolled at Driver’s Ed Driving School and the class consists of a 10-hour session which changes into a two-weekend session. Since weekends are my only available days.

Last August 27 was my first day, Sir Jonathan was my instructor for my two Saturdays and Sundays, I was really kind of nervous and I don’t want to be a burden to my instructor. So I pushed myself and listening to every lessons he taught me.

On my last day, my instructor lets me drive around Angeles City. We even reached Porac and he also lets me use all of the gears. I was thrilled and really kind of proud because I was able to drive a stick!

Me and Sir Jonathan!

I just wish that in the future I can also drive my own car. But if you wish a road trip right now, I guess I still need some time and more practice on our mini van. It’s really different driving a Sedan than a mini van! Lels!

I hope you can tick a long-time item on your bucket list too!



5 thoughts on “Bucketlist: Learn How To Drive A Car

  1. I’m so happy for you! You can now drive around on your own, and you’re driving manual! Wow. I’ve started driving few years ago, but I’m still not comfortable driving on my own. ?

  2. Been wanting to learn how to drive a car for a long time now! Haha. I actually started when I was in college, a 3-hr session with my dad. And it never happened again because we ended up yelling at each other. Haha (I’m sorry dad). I’m still finding time to enroll in a driving school na lang. Hope to tick this off my bucketlist soon.

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