Bucket List: Things To Do While I’m Alive

Bucket list is a list of things you’d like to do before you die. I’ve been creating different list ever since I started writing journals and I remember slashing too little on those lists. Now it’s time to post it on the web and let you guys know my list of things that I want to do. Isn’t it effective if you will have a large audience?

My list will change a lot in numbers since it’s a list of the things I want to do while I am alive and kicking! So here’s what I’ve got:

  1. Apply for a passport
  2. Learn how to drive a manual car.
  3. Learn how to surf
  4. Visit New York and live on one of its beautiful apartments.
  5. Do bungee jumping
  6. Read the bible
  7. Volunteer on a charity work
  8. Teach a skill on an orphanage
  9. See Mt. Fuji
  10. Have a LASIK surgery
  11. Visit El Nido, Palawan
  12. Do cliff jumping
  13. Watch a concert
  14. Go to a music festival
  15. Fall in love  (post coming up!)
  16. Get Married
  17. Master one skill.
  18. Visit Europe
  19. Spend some time in Korea
  20. Learn and speak a foreign language
  21. See aurora borealis


I know this list consist of random thoughts but definitely it will eventually be a long list in the future. How about your list? Did you ever make one? Let’s have a happy life and achieve those things!



*edited as of December 2017

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