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Hello Calligraphy!

For this past few months I’m really loving writing beautiful and inspiring quotes from the books I read. Until I saw on instagram that Calligraphy is now a big thing.

Calligraphy comes from the Greek words kallos (beauty) and graphe (writing). It is defined as the visual art of producing artistic, elegant and stylized writing using a pen or a brush.

Then I saw this post that Pampanga has a calligraphy workshop and I registered immediately!


The class was held at Philexcel Arts Center Clark at 1 o’clock in the afternoon. I was really excited as I travel alone to Clark. It was an adventure indeed!

Beautiful designs!
Shabby chic! Gusto kong iuwi sa sobrang cute! Haha
Can you open it? So beautiful!!!

The whole venue was just so amazingly beautiful and our table has these beautiful vases with cute little flowers.


Finally I was able to meet our teacher Miss  Kat of @thepapercat —-follow her on instagram! It’s true that it is a small world, it came out that she was the daughter of my officemate and I saw some of her sketches before.

She and her friend, @theapihabit, patiently taught the five of us in the class the introduction of calligraphy.

Check out her instagram account for more awesome calligraphy and I couldn’t believe that she was practicing the art for just seven months now. She’s like a pro!

Look my drills! Lefthanded problems!
Ink keeps on smudging because I am a proud lefty!

Calligraphy is like a form of relaxation to me. You wouldn’t mind time. It’s like a therapy! Go on and try it love!

Practice makes permanent!

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